About Us

While there is no specific definition of sport, in its broadest terms it can be said to be activities that have an element of physical athleticism and dexterity. The Olympic Games acknowledged as the supreme competitive level sports event admits sports that meets this criterion only. On the flip side there are mind sports too with the International Olympic Committee recognising chess and bridge as bona fide sports even though these are not Olympic level events.

Few people can imagine that a simple everyday matter as sports can have so many intricacies and ramifications. For most, sport is something that has to be enjoyed with friends and families either on television or by being present at the tournaments. However there is another group for who sports is a way of life and all news, information, trivia and results must be available at their fingertips. For us at xdreamsportz.com this is the set that we generally focus on.

Any sport is serious business and our team prefers to bring the finer points of sports to the attention of the enthusiasts. This is why we seek write-ups and blogs from the followers of the game who go behind the general entertainment to analyse performance of the players and study the events unfolding before them. A critical assessment of tournaments being held around the world along with the scores will immensely benefit our readers.

What can bloggers and contributors to our blog site start off with. For one, we are not limited to a particular sport – any physical or mind game will do for us. Thus we would welcome the latest from the world of cricket or tennis, football or rugby or chess and bridge. It is our experience that sports with mass appeal like cricket, football and rugby get a lot of coverage while others like squash table tennis and gymnastics languish in the background. Hence those contributing to our site can focus on these games. This is not to say that we do not stress on other sports. It is simply a matter of priority for us to fill the gap in news and information that big print and electronic media tend to ignore.

It is not only news that we are looking for. Contributors can write about the laws that govern different sports and the scoring patterns and other technicalities like the dimensions of the playing areas and the types of surfaces.

We would welcome any blogs on any topic provided it is related to the niche of sports.