Best Outdoor Activities in Forest

Outdoor activities

There are many reasons why the city soul within us wants to periodically leave the rat race behind and seek refuge temporarily in the cool and green environs of forests. There are a lot of interesting things to do, hiking, camping, fishing, photography or even just lying down on damp grass to enjoy the sounds of silence. Some even take a trip to forests to absorb and see the freshness and vibrant colours of leaves, fruits and flowers or the millions of teeming living organisms just a scratch below the surface. Forests are the lifeline of humanity, a world without forest cover would slowly sink into oblivion.

A trip to a forest is an educational experience too, one reason why school children are taken in groups to forests to have a real feel of what they have seen in pages of their text books. A beauty of a flower in hand or a fruit on a tree is more illustrative than a thousand pictures in books.

However, for many, going deep into the forests is a thrilling and exciting experience more so if things are planned out well in advance.

What then are some of the outdoor activities that you can indulge in to your heart’s content in a forest?

Photography – A forest is a photographer’s dream destination, simply because every turn in a narrow mud-laid narrow path throws up new sights. Varieties of trees, flowers, fruits, cones, leaves and insects – you will be spoilt for choices on what to focus on. The rapids, the fast flowing streams or sloping ski slopes amongst deciduous forests in winter will keep you clicking away. One word of caution though, do not forget to carry a spare pack or two of batteries with you. You’ll drain your camera’s power source multiple times for sure.

Camping – This is one of the top preferred outdoor activities in the forest. Pack your tent and a few provisions and trudge into the forest. Go it alone for a couple of days of solitude or take your loved ones along for an exhilarating experience. You can either choose to bring your own food with you or in typical hunter style opt to live off the land to get the true feel of the forest.

However, camping requires an element of planning, especially if you want to go deep into the forest and put up tent in a remote area. Take along adequate food mainly energy bars to keep you going in an emergency, medicine, creams of the insect repellent variety, extra batteries, lanterns, mobile charger and baby wipes to get rid of dirt. Be suitably dressed in cottons, moisture wicking fabric and synthetic and wool socks to keep out dampness.

Once you are well prepared, go out there and de-stress in the lap of nature even if it is for a few days.

Hunting / Fishing – If you want to mix camping and hunting, decide on your course of action first. What type of kill do you have in mind? Hunting for grouse and hunting for deer are altogether two different ball games. Again, decide whether you want to stay on the usual hunting trails or go deep into the forest. Make sure that you have the required licence and permit to hunt from the local authorities. It is of course recommended that you do not venture deep into the foliage unless you are a seasoned hunter.

The same goes for fishing though with a reduced element of risk. You should camp near the fishing area if you are an angling enthusiast so that you can indulge in your favourite pastime throughout your waking hours.

When the forest is giving so much to you, make sure that you do the same. Tree and Stump removal in Melbourne in a residential or commercial setting is alright and permissible but when you leave a forest in Victoria after a few days there, not a branch or limb should be out of place. This is of course not to include the twigs and dry leaves used to light a campfire!

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