Ways to Enhance your Athletic Performance

Most people train and workout to be fit, many others hopefully aspire to reach Sunday afternoon football game standards. But for a few, athletics is serious business and a lot of thought is given to strategies for enhancing and improving existing performances. Workouts is not only about burning fat and building muscles, there is a lot more to it. It is also about increasing balance and functional movements which in turn goes a long way to escalating performance.

However, to really improve athletic performance a strict regimen has to be followed which not only includes training schedules but also diet, supplements, water intake and the number of hours of sleep you manage to squeeze in. Too many people take their workouts as a routine and monotonous affair, simply going through the paces day after day. This leads to sub standard training which in turn leads to below par performances. The positive side is that by following a few definite methods, it is possible to enhance your athletic performance.

Lifting weights – Don’t worry about the size of your biceps unless you are especially into the sport of weight lifting or body sculpting. Lifting weights help to build strength that will give you an explosive start in track events. Couple this with squats, power cleans and speed lifts for increasing strength and speed.

Train outdoors – Being in a gym for an hour with most of the time on the tread mill is good for the average person, not for one who wants to make it big. Take your cardio routine outdoors if you want to take your performance to the next level. Try your hand at mountain biking, hill sprints or agility drills in the open. These come close to replicating movements and situations you will be facing when you are into competitive sports. Apart from improving your balance and control, it will also boost your cardiovascular endurance levels.

Energise your training schedules – Contrary to popular belief, low carb diet is not necessarily the best. Vigorous workouts need an intense fuel source such as glucose which can be had through carbs. But do not go for a high carb diet to meet this demand. Instead, before you start your regimen, take about 40 gm of carbs which will help you suppress fatigue and keep you energised throughout. Since recovering quickly from a workout is as important as going through it, take carbs after training as well.

Adequate sleep – There is nothing better than sleep to repair body tissues, rebuild muscle and recover from strenuous workouts. Eight solid hours of sleep is the best option but that might not always be possible. In that case try to squeeze in short duration cat naps when you can. Even 20 to 30 minute sleep soon after you are through with training can boost your recovery processes.

Foods to keep you going – Supplements are necessary to add that extra touch to your training but did you know that some foods go a long way in rejuvenating your body. For example, sprouts alkalise your body and flax seeds reduce inflammation and the possibility of cardiovascular diseases. Beets are high in carbohydrates and its juice improves endurance while pumpkin seeds help to beat fatigue.

Finally, while keeping your body fresh and healthy is very important, being mentally bright too is crucial as it will reflect on your physical performance. Once in a while visit a salon and opt for beauty treatments on specialised IPL hair removal machine and equipment. You will find a definite positive change in your outlook to training. Hair removal method with IPL machines is a non-invasive one and will leave your skin as smooth and silky as you would have not imagined.

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